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Like several investment in plant or machinery the first question for any business to consider needs to be whether or not to hire or buy outright. In terms of concrete pumps the expense of buying outright can vary depending on the kind of pump you will need and whether you buy new or used equipment.

The two main main kinds of concrete pump together with more specialist pumps found in the mining industry or in tunnelling work.

Line-pumps are smaller, trailer mounted pumps; boom pumps, the second type mounted on a truck and use an arm or boom to manoeuvre the pipe for the location the concrete is required. The fishing line-pump is recognized as more desirable for those who undertake smaller jobs. Comprising a series of attachable hoses created from steel or rubber, the Concrete Pumping Devon can be extended when necessary and is great for usage of sites including domestic properties where restrictions for the site make access difficult, or near impossible.

The boom pump is usually available on large sites where access is a lesser problem and concrete may be quickly and accurately transferred in to the location as required. Concrete suppliers who regularly supply small builds and domestic customers will usually realize that a line pump is perfect while those dealing frequently with major construction companies generally prefer the boom pump.

Both types of pump are labour saving and as a result save your time on delivery thereby allowing your company to use more efficiently. For anyone businesses considering investing a line-pump the main consideration is definitely the size required and consequent weight in the pump. As they are normally trailer mounted your ready mix truck or trucks must be inqbvi to drag any additional weight. For both kinds of pump the other factors affecting size and model includes the ability in the pump itself, measured in cubic meters per hour (M3/h).

Cost is a factor at the top of many organisations list at the moment, however, when sourcing industrial equipment the key consideration needs to be reliability. Concrete suppliers who normally work with one size of site may find that diversifying to offer you broader services will help you to secure essential additional contracts. In these circumstances hiring or leasing concrete pumps is definitely an attractive option. This may work effectively to allow your business to become more flexible and meet demand as it comes along. If purchasing, consider concrete pump suppliers who can offer top quality used equipment. The best source for this type of devices are often hire companies who are upgrading their own equipment. As well as the fact that used concrete pumps and equipment from hire companies will have been well taken care of, a few will be willing to provide a one year guarantee, as they understand the service background and can be confident in the equipment’s reliability.